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AICPA and Startup Accelerator

Meet the 2024 Cohort

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Seven startups with an eye to the future

The 2024 Cohort is rich with innovation and new ideas focused on artificial intelligence. These seven companies stand at the forefront of artificial intelligence, transforming not just their business but also our profession.

The Startup Accelerator is more than funding—it's a strategy that helps drive product development and sales. View the websites of our 2024 Cohort by clicking the links.


Aider, delivers compliance efficiencies, whilst enabling AI-powered advisory at scale for firms.

To learn more about Aider, click here.

Black Ore

Black Ore, which offers CPAs an AI-powered tax preparation platform, designed to automate complex tax returns quickly and accurately — this reduces burnout, and gives CPAs more time to focus on client advisory and growing their firm

To learn more about Black Ore, click here.


Digilence, which offers AI, machine learning, automation, and intelligent document processing capabilities to accounting firms though its Digilence Cloud, using a SaaS model.

To learn more about Digilence, click here.


Laurel, which utilizes advanced AI to automate timekeeping and address billing complexities for accounting firms, saving timekeepers valuable time and offering unparalleled insights into their operations.

For more information about Laurel, click here.


Materia, the provider of an AI-powered intelligent workflow automation platform for public accounting firms that helps improve the efficiency and quality of audits

To learn more about Materia, click here.


Supervizor, an advanced audit analytics software that automates financial anomaly detection for continuous error and fraud detection.

To learn more about Supervizor, click here.

Time Credit

TimeCredit, provides AI-powered research and documentation tools for accountants to automate technical memo writing and answer complex questions instantly

To learn more about Time Credit, click here.