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AICPA and Startup Accelerator

Meet our 2023 Cohort

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Five startups with an eye to the future

The 2023 Cohort is rich with innovation and new ideas. These 5 companies are ahead of the curve when it comes to automation, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. They’re not only transforming their businesses, they are transforming our profession.

TheStartup Accelerator is more than funding –it’s strategy that helps drive product development as well as sales. Feel free to get to know our 2023 Cohort by clicking on the links provided to view their web sites.


TaxPlanIQ is a SaaS software that automates an entire tax planning engagement from selling the plan, to implementing all tasks throughout the year, and educational resources to support the accountant with videos, checklists, and templates of 100 tax strategies. TaxPlanIQ was created for accountants by accountants at Meyer Tax Consulting, The Concierge CPA. Jackie Meyer converted her practice to value-priced tax advisory services, niching down to high-value offerings and quality clientele using The ROI Method(tm) of tax planning. She is on a mission to coach and consult other accountants toward better health, wealth, and relationships via tax planning, the Certified Concierge Accountant Training Program, and Tax Planning Masterclasses.

To learn more about TaxPlanIQ, click here.


VERIFYiQ is a practice management solution that automates Xero and QBO quality control via file reviews for bookkeepers and bookkeeping managers ensuring that you're only a few clicks away from catching 80% of all bookkeeping errors before it ever gets to a reviewer. VERIFYiQ's second product, code named "SALESiQ", enables our customer's sales teams to scope a potential client's books in under 5 minutes. The approach at VERIFYiQ is to augment other systems that are already working, so the software is built to augment workflow systems and CRMs.

To learn more about VERIFYiQ, click here.


4impactdata was created to change the odds for business owners by providing easy, affordable access to the codified wisdom and advice of fellow successful business leaders, peers, & professionals. 4impactdata has created the “first ever knowledge as a service” business guidance system for business owners. It is pre-built on the latest Analytics-AI cloud platform, includes industry best practices, proactive alerts, benchmarking across clients, and can be deployed within 24 hours. It equips CPA firms with the advisory tool to be the strategic partner clients’ need to change the odds in their favor.

To learn more about 4impactdata, click here.


Synder is a BI platform for CFO and accounting professionals that helps automate repetitive tasks around multi-source e-commerce data and translate it into actionable insights for businesses, enabling accountants with a monthly advisory service for their clients.

For more information about Synder, click here.

Audit Sight

Audit Sight is a leading technology platform that eliminates manual work for auditors, diligence and private equity providers by automating financial transaction verification. The solution automates the audit testing process from start to finish and generates a GAAS-compliant workpaper.

To learn more about Audit Sight, click here.