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AICPA and Startup Accelerator

Meet our 2022 Cohort

Ten startups with an eye to the future

The 2022 Cohort is rich with innovation and new ideas. These 10 companies are ahead of the curve when it comes to automation, artificial intelligence, ESG and blockchain. They’re not only transforming their businesses, they are transforming our profession.

The Startup Accelerator is more than funding –it’s strategy that helps drive product development as well as sales. Feel free to get to know our 2022 Cohort by clicking on the links provided to view their web sites.


AuditMiner allows 401k auditors download standardized audit packages and pre-populated testing templates for use during their audit fieldwork, no matter where the retirement plan assets are located. Currently, these firms are required to navigate and manipulate data from multiple different sources for audit purposes. AuditMiner streamlines and standardizes audit packages and workpaper preparation in a retirement plan audit and saves the auditor 10-20 hours on each audit engagement.

To learn more about Auditminer, click here.

Caesar Sustainability

Corporate ESG reporting has quickly grown in importance and popularity, but the processes for ESG data collection and management have largely remained manual and inefficient. Caesar's ESG data platform provides a simplified, automated, and centralized enterprise ESG data solution. Companies can reduce internal complexity while increasing transparency by using Caesar to ensure high-quality ESG data is collected efficiently and reliably.

To learn more about Caesar Sustainability, click here.

ESG Trust

ESGTrust, a leading provider of cloud software solutions for ESG data management, dynamic materiality analysis, and stakeholder relationship management, empowers companies of every size and industry to digitally transform, build trust, and create a 360° view of their stakeholders.

For more information about ESGTrust, visit


Fieldguide is on a mission to increase trust in commerce and capital markets. We are an enterprise software company building automation and collaboration software for purpose-built for cybersecurity and ESG risk practitioners. Fieldguide enables faster revenue growth, better engagement margins, and more practitioner happiness for dozens of CPA firms ranked across the top 400 nationally. We are based in San Francisco and are backed by Silicon Valley's best venture capitalists, including 8VC, Floodgate, Y Combinator, Justin Kan, Eric Ries, and many more.

To learn more about Fieldguide, click here.

Good Lab

Good.Lab was started to create a more equitable and sustainable economy by unleashing the power of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) data. As companies are increasingly evaluated on a long-term commitment to delivering positive outcomes in their communities, on the environment, to their workers, customers and shareholders, sustainability has become a competitive advantage. Good.Lab empowers its clients to act on ESG issues through ESG performance management & compliance software. Our solutions transform our clients’ ESG data reporting engine to deliver actionable insights to management, reliable data to investors, and transparent data to customers. Good.Lab is a 1% for the Planet member, as well as a pending B-Corporation.

Visit us online at


Knuula is the end-to-end engagement letter solution. It allows you to choose from templates drafted by industry experts, customize every aspect of the engagement letter, send to all of your clients for e-signature with just a couple of clicks, and organize all your engagement letters in one place.

To learn more about Knuula, click here.


LumiQ is a native podcast app where engaging conversations with business leaders count as verified CPE for CPAs. With a slick mobile app, new episodes weekly and automatic CPE tracking, LumiQ has made CPE enjoyable for tens of thousands of CPAs across North America. Some of their guests include: Allen Shim (CFO of Slack), Colleen Johnston (Fmr CFO of TD), Brian Jones (Global Head of Product, Excel) among hundreds of other successful professionals.

To learn more about LumiQ, click here.

Once Accounting

Once Accounting is a middleware single hub to manage all your client’s books in a single location, regardless of what accounting package they have allowing a CPA to seamlessly integrate those records into their tax or accounting firm solution suite. By functioning as middleware between a client's ERP and a CPA’s tax prep, our transaction-based workflow creates proactive alerts and notifications and a Living Trial Balance in an integrated solution that adds the ability to address an issue, rather than just identify it.

To learn more about Once Accounting, click here.

Standard Carbon

Standard Carbon sits at the intersection of ESG, Blockchain, and Assurance. It is Standard Carbon’s mission to adopt AI as an adjunct tool to accelerate ESG auditing. In its current state, the Carbon Markets lack high quality, real, meaningful carbon offsets. Standard Carbon aims to offer a Verification/Validation (Assurance) solution at a fraction of the price of legacy environmental assurance techniques.

To learn more about Standard Carbon, click here.


Sustain.Life is on a mission to make sustainability accessible for companies of all sizes, regardless of budget or expertise. Launched in 2021, Sustain.Life is a modern, easy-to-use software that empowers organizations to embrace sustainable practices, manage carbon emissions, reduce costs, and help distinguish them to customers, partners, investors, and recruits.

To learn more about Sustain.Life, click here.